Celebrity Spokesperson Coaching

Whether utilizing a celebrity spokesperson for a media tour, employee engagement opportunity or as a brand representative, the preparation process to ensure that key messages are delivered in a credible and enthusiastic manner is critical. And while many celebrities have experience in front of the camera, few have encountered the media while they are in the role of product spokesperson.

Successful celebrity spokesperson coaching demands expertise at balancing the celebrity brand within the context of the product positioning. Clients have said of CMG: "Frankly, I find Colleen's communication skills extraordinary. She is a born teacher and coach - the right blend of critique and support. Her complete understanding of how the media really works is put to your full advantage."

CMG has worked with film, television, sports and physician celebrities ranging from performers such as Barry Manilow, Cybil Shepherd and Queen Latifah to sports figures Joe Montana, Pele, Mark Messier and The New York Rangers to Drs. Memhet Oz, Lisa Airan and Frederic Bandt, to name just a few.