Upfront NewFront Presentations

The Advertising Upfront or Newfront Speaker Readiness Workshop equips each speaker with customized techniques that enable them to engage and motivate the audience during the Upfront or NewFront presentation. The approach is an iterative process focused on converting the written script into an authentic voice for each speaker, translating that voice into the TelePrompTer format through a “coding” session and then conducting rigorous rehearsal sessions that enable each speaker to deliver an outstanding performance.

The session focuses on:

  • Key Objectives to Engage an Audience: Anticipating the Demand
  • Story Strategy: Mapping the Message
  • Realizing Your Ambition: Delivering a Persuasive & Memorable Story
  • T.A.D. (Tone, Attitude & Demeanor): Generating a Powerful Impression

The session may be organized one-on-one or as a Group Communications Workshop.