Speaker Readiness

During a customized Speaker Readiness Skills session, the participant is prepared to deliver a presentation before a range of audiences making use of a variety of support materials. In addition, s/he learns the value of preparing key message points and mapping them into a compelling Story Flow Narrative that may be communicated in a variety of speaking situations including formal speeches, small group meetings with Q&A and impromptu conversations. The Workshop focuses on:

  • Anticipating the Audience Demand
  • Creating an Agenda
  • Mapping the Story and Organizing Speaking Points
  • Navigating Difficult Questions
  • Utilizing Support Materials

Various speaker situations - such as a podium presentation before a large group, TelePrompTer setting or a tabletop presentation before a smaller group - are simulated. Each scenario is videotaped so that, via playback, extensive feedback enables the participant to identify strengths and areas of improvement in her/his speaking style. Special emphasis is placed on customizing the content of the presentation to effectively communicate with the intended audience, e.g., financial analysts, customers, employees, etc. In addition, the Workshop focuses on mastering the Q&A process that typically follows (or is part of) the presentation.

The session may be organized one-on-one or as a Group Communications Workshop.