Whether it's a matter of discussing quarterly earnings during a live television interview, presenting complex scientific data to an audience of peers or introducing a new product at a sales meeting, effective communication in today's competitive sophisticated environment demands that issue, product or corporate positioning and messaging is strategic, consistent and executed in a persuasive manner.

As Founder and President of CMG, Colleen M. Growe and her team conduct issues management and message development sessions, facilitate strategic positioning seminars and conduct communications strategy workshops to prepare for media, financial, regulatory and industry opportunities. Drawing on over twenty years experience in politics, public relations and as a multi-award winning television producer/director, Ms. Growe provides custom designed strategic communications counsel that enables participants to map out a compelling story, prepare for difficult questions and deliver a clear message, even when facing potentially hostile audiences.
  • We repeatedly turn to Colleen for our messaging, positioning and media training. Her ability to translate very complex scientific information into an engaging and intelligible story makes her a tremendous asset to our communications team.

    Alyssa Zeff, Director
    Worldwide Public Relations

  • Colleen has an incredible command of complex issues and subject matters. She immerses herself effortlessly into your business issues and provides invaluable guidance and skills to handle and prepare for a variety of outcomes. CMG is a tremendous asset to have in your corner.

    Julissa Viana
    Sepracor Inc.

  • From helping us to shape a solid media strategy to guiding our messaging and positioning, time after time we have been impressed with CMG's insights and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted and accountable communications partner.

    Doug Lebda
    Chairman and
    Chief Executive Officer (LendingTree)

  • CMG PRODUCTIONS has a proven track record of high-level engagement with our senior executives, CEOs and other C-Suite members, built on trust, expertise and a broad network. Colleen brings strategic vision and deep understanding of the playing field resulting in meaningful global market positioning.

    Caroline Wouters
    Vice President
    Corporate Communications
    Wolters Kluwer

  • What truly differentiates Colleen is her focus on the broader art of communication. Her ability to become fluent in our science built credibility with our management team. She knew where our story was vulnerable which led to challenging - and productive - Q&A training.

    William Baird III
    Chief Financial Officer
    PTC Therapeutics

  • Colleen has impressive insights and a very unique way of simplifying key messages. She gives effective and actionable advice and, as a result, I feel more confident and better prepared after working with her.

    Steve Macri
    Chief Financial Officer
    Warner Music Group

  • Colleen is so much more than a cookie cutter media trainer; she is a media strategy partner. From her preparedness beforehand to her personalized attention during the session to her detailed follow up, no one out there covers all the bases like CMG does.

    Meg D'Incecco
    Executive Director
    Public Relations
    Golf Digest Properties, CondéNast

  • Colleen is, quite simply, the best--whether she's working one on one with a Fortune 50 top executive, with the entire staff of a non-profit organization; or in small groups with senior scientists who, though brilliant in a lab, may need some fine-tuning to meet the media.

    Margaret Maruschak
    Vice President
    Fortune 50 Company

  • We have found that CMG sessions are transformative and, when Colleen is done, our message is clearer, our thinking sharper, and our communications more compelling.

    Georgia Pollak
    Vice President
    Communications and Public Affairs
    Yeshiva University

  • Colleen is utterly thorough, thoughtful, engaging, idea provoking and always brings something fresh and useful to the table. Every public facing executive should have the opportunity to work with CMG in order to best represent his or her company.

    Deborah Roth
    Vice President
    Corporate Communications

  • I always know I can depend on Colleen and her team to give no-nonsense, strategic coaching, and broadcast services that produce results. I've turned to CMG many times over the years and they will continue to be a key partner in my Rolodex.

    Amy Bohutinsky
    Vice President

  • Thank you very much for bringing to the session a vibrant sense of life, dynamic clarity and extreme usefulness to the people who had come to learn.

    Mike Yocum
    The Council of State Governments

  • You did your usual splendid job of media training one of the most challenging breeds - a physician. Not only did he learn a great deal, I know he truly enjoyed the session.

    Patricia A. Morrow, GSK

  • You have raised media training to an art form in my mind, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    David Koretz
    President and CEO
    BlueTie, Inc.

  • Thank you so much for the incredible and enthusiastic sessions yesterday. We have received overflowing gushing reviews. Everyone was equally impressed by your knowledge of our products and remarkable talent.

    Amy Peck
    Ziff Davis Media

  • Just a quick note for all your help in making the Satellite Media Tour for the launch of Disney's Big Time a success. I couldn't have done it without your thorough media training and coaching.

    Phyllis Ehrlich
    Disney Adventures

  • We could have never been this confident without all the work we did with you. Our CEO had a couple of tough questions from CNN/fn and he sailed through them thanks to our prep with you. Thanks so much!!!

    Carol Wallace
    Vice President
    Public Relations
    Gartner, Inc.

  • I was impressed by the professionalism with which you conducted the process: simultaneously tough, kind and persistent. I was impressed, too, by the thoroughness of your homework and extent of your comprehension of our story.

    John Fitchen, CEO
    Epitope Medical Products

  • I noticed that our CEO was constantly referring to your material in preparation for his media interviews and others on the team found the materials useful both as a refresher and as a guidepost to the company's position on different items.

    Jim Smith
    Mobility Technologies

  • A personal note to thank you for your considerable efforts in putting together "The Competitive Edge" Video. I greatly appreciate your assistance in coaching me through the studio ordeal and for your professionalism in weaving the strands into a perfectly edited master tape.

    Robert Falkner
    Executive Vice President NA
    British Airways

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